4 Ways To Increase The Security Of Your Garage

A garage door doesn't just allow you access to the garage, in many cases, it allows access to your home. For your security, you should know how to secure the garage door. Securing the garage door is about securing access not just to the items in your garage, but to your entire home.

#1 Leaving for a Trip? Disable the Opener on Your Garage Door

When you go on vacation for more than a few days, leave the garage secure. Achieve security over the garage door by unplugging the opener unit to the garage door. By unplugging the opener unit, you will be able to ensure that the garage door will stay shut unless opened from the inside while you are away from your home.

#2 Protect Your Garage Remote Like Other Important Keys

Do you just leave the keys to your car inside of it when you go to the grocery store? Do you leave your house keys in your car when you let a valet park your car? Would you leave your house key someone where someone could easily grab it?

If you would not do those things with your house key, do not do them with the remote for the garage door. Treat the remote for the garage door like your house key. Do not leave it in the car all the time and don't leave it out in the open. Take it with you when you get out of your car and keep it secure. Your garage door opener is basically a key to your home.

#3 Get a Rolling Code Remote Control

It is time to upgrade to a newer remote if yours is more than a decade old. Invest in a remote that employs rolling code technology. This technology generates a fresh code every time the opener is activated. These types of openers increase the difficult of hacking the code to the garage remote to gain access to the house.

#4 Be Careful with Your Pin

Some garage door openers have keypads that can be used to open or close your garage door. Just like the pin to your debit card, the pin to the garage door should be kept secret. Do not write down this pin or give it to anyone; keep the pin within the family and change the number every few months.

Keep your garage secure by unplugging the garage door opener when you go on vacation. Always invest in a rolling code garage door opener and keep your garage door opener secure and safe. If the garage door has a pin number, keep the number private.

For more information, reach out to a garage door repair company.