Why Spring Is A Good Season For Garage Door Installation

If your garage door is ugly, wobbly, old, or beyond repair, it's time to think about getting a new one. Your first thought might be about the best time of year to schedule the installation. If your door is broken or dangerous because it's failing, you can have the door replaced any time of year. If your installation is not an emergency, then spring is a good season to have it installed. Here's why.

Spring Brings Savings

The construction industry starts gearing back up in the spring months. That means you'll probably see more promotions for new garage doors then. Companies get in new stock and want to move old inventory. As spring rolls into summer, more people consider garage door replacements as well as other construction work, so installers get busier. In the spring, you'll probably have no trouble scheduling a time that's convenient for you, and you may get to enjoy special pricing too.

Spring Is a Good Time for Maintenance Anyway

If you're used to having your garage door serviced every spring, then you can save a little money by skipping the maintenance call and having your new door put in instead. Spring is often a busy time around the home for spring cleaning and home repairs. If you maintain your garage door yourself, that's one chore you can eliminate when you have your new door installed in the spring rather than wait until late summer or fall.

You Can View New Inventory in The Spring

If you like to be on the leading edge with everything you own around your home, then you may want to wait until spring to put on your door, so you can see the new lines of doors that come out in late winter and early spring. You can talk to the garage door company about new options available that might make your garage door more attractive, easier to operate, or more secure. Many home shows are held in the spring months, and if you find one locally at that time, you can view different garage doors in person before you decide which one you want to buy.

Spring Has Ideal Working Conditions

It might not matter to you since you're not the one installing the door, but spring has the best working conditions for the crew. The temperatures are usually mild and comfortable, and materials are easier to work with than they are during temperature extremes. Also, consider your garage will be exposed to the outside temperature for several hours. You might want to avoid this in intense summer heat or cold winter temperatures.

While spring is a good time to have a new garage door installed, you can have it done any time of year it is convenient for you. Just remember that technicians are busy making repairs, doing maintenance, and going on emergency calls as well as installing new doors. No matter what time of year you need a garage door installed, set up your appointment early if you need a specific time slot, and don't wait until your door fails and you need emergency help.

Contact your local garage door installation service for more information and assistance.