Is It An Emergency Or Can It Wait? Three Problems That Can Be Potential Garage Door Emergencies

There are many things that can go wrong with your garage door. It may fail to open or shut, there may be rust on it, or the track may be bent. If you notice or encounter these problems, you may find yourself wondering if this is something that needs to be tended to now or if it is something that you can put off for a day or two. Here are three potential garage door emergencies that should not be put off. 

Your Garage Won't Shut

If your garage door will not open, it may be a hassle. But if the garage door won't shut, you may need some type of emergency garage door repair. Most people store items in their garage. If your garage door won't shut, these items will be left unprotected for hours on end or overnight. If your garage door will not open or shut and you have an electrical opener, the first thing you should do is pull the red handle or rope by the electrical opener and switch to manual mode. You should be able to open or close the door by hand at this point. However, if you cannot, you may have a broken wheel on the door or a bent track. A professional can evaluate the problem and repair it, protecting everything stored in your garage once again. 

The Garage Door is Coming Off of the Track

If your garage door is coming off of the track, or the track is pulling out from your garage's ceiling, you will want to call a garage door repair service immediately. Garage doors can cause a lot of damage should they come tumbling to the ground. They can hit your car, items stored in the garage and the door itself can be damaged. Never attempt to repair this problem on your own. The garage door can fall on you and injure you. Instead, leave this task to the professionals. 

The Garage Door Spring is Completely Stretched Out

Garage doors have two to three springs that help offer added protection to prevent the door from collapsing as it glides up and down on the tracks. These springs are located in the top left, top right and possible center of your garage door. When the door is open, the springs are completely extended. When the door is closed, the springs should bounce back into place. However, over time, they stretch out and need to be replaced. If one or more of the springs are not bouncing back, you will want to have a professional come and repair it as quickly as possible and not use your garage door until they can get there. A broken spring can cause the door to collapse when the garage door is used. 

If your garage door will not shut, is falling off the track, or the track is falling or has a spring that is completely stretched out, you will want to call an emergency garage door repair service.They will help fix the problem, allowing you to safely and effectively use your garage door once again. Companies like Allen's Sales & Installation can help you with the information that you need.