Refuting Myths Homeowners Often Believe Concerning Garage Doors

If your home is not currently equipped with a garage door, you may find yourself considering or wanting to make the upgrade of adding one to your house. However, you may be under the impression that some routinely made assumptions about these doors are true.

Myth: All Garage Doors Are Made Of Aluminum

As you are in the early stages of deciding whether to add a garage door to your house, you might believe that you will have to endure the aesthetic of having an aluminum door. While aluminum can be an excellent and commonly used material for garage doors, it is far from the only option. Homeowners can choose to have wood, vinyl, composite-fiber or aluminum doors installed. This can ensure that you are able to maintain the aesthetics of your home while enjoying the functionality of a garage door.

Myth: Automatic Garage Doors Are Not Worth The Additional Costs

There can be a significant cost difference between a manual and automatic garage door. Many individuals may assume that opening and closing a manual garage door will not be a major inconvenience. However, this task can be remarkably difficult during severe storms or periods of extreme heat or cold. Furthermore, if you were to sell your home, having a manual garage door can hurt its value, as potential buyers are likely to expect an automated system. For these reasons, the additional expense for an automatic garage door can be a sensible investment.

Myth: Protecting A Garage Door Against Damage From Storms Is Impossible

For those that live in areas that are at risk of experiencing hurricanes or tornadoes, it can seem like a garage door will be impossible to harden against these hazards. However, there are ways to reinforce these doors against high winds. In particular, you can opt to buy storm resistant garage doors that are rated to withstand high winds. Furthermore, there are braces that can be installed on the interior of these doors to further strengthen them when strong storms are in the area.

Having a garage door is a feature that is common for most modern homes, but there are many people that may be in a position of needing to add one of these doors to their property. When you are in this position, you must appreciate the full range of materials that you can choose, the benefits of paying the additional costs for an automated garage door system and the fact that these devices can be hardened against storm damage will aid you in making informed choices for your garage's needs. To learn more about your options, check out websites like