Garage Door Materials And Their Attributes

If you are planning to purchase a new garage door in the future, you may already be looking at design choices. However, you may not know the benefits and attributes associated with specific garage door materials. Here are a few different types of garage doors and the basic attributes that they offer:

Vinyl Garage Doors

People often like vinyl garage doors because they tend to remain free of peeling paint, dents, cracks, rust and even sags. In addition, these doors don't require much maintenance. Upkeep for a vinyl door is usually limited to an occasional wash-and-rinse.

These doors, which are often found in mid-range homes, are suitable for many different weather conditions. Vinyl can withstand hot, cold and even wet climates. As a result, these doors are durable enough to last for decades.

Nevertheless, you don't have sacrifice style if you choose a vinyl garage door. Vinyl doors offer design choices, just as other garage door types do. You can select from a large number of colors and even tailor the door to match the style of your home by adding windows or embossed patterns that emulate wood grain.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are often seen in pricey upscale neighborhoods. These doors have a unique natural beauty that works well with many design styles. Still, wood requires maintenance to ensure that it does not begin to warp or sag. Additionally, wood is weather-responsive and can absorb moisture. Thus, it is important to keep the door protected with waterproofing sealants or paint.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel doors are stronger than garage doors made of most other materials. In addition, they can be stamped to emulate the grain pattern of wood. Also, steel is weather-resistant and does not require maintenance. You can even choose to insulate your steel garage door.  The only drawback may be its ability to incur dents.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum doors are not heavy, but they are strong. These garage doors usually have a contemporary look and require almost no maintenance. In addition, aluminum does not fade in color or developed cracks. Also, if you desire to climatize your garage, you can insulate your aluminum garage doors to promote energy efficiency. Still, aluminum has a very pliable consistency and can easily encourage dents from bounced balls or run-ins with bicycles.

To learn more about available options for your next garage door purchase, schedule an appointment with a garage door vendor like AAA Garage Door, Inc. in your area.