Three Problems Your Garage Door May Encounter

A garage door that is experiencing significant mechanical problems can be a very disruptive problem for any homeowner. In addition to rendering the garage essentially useless, you may also find that a damaged garage door can be an immense eyesore that can detract from your home. Ensuring that mechanical and cosmetic problems are repaired in a prompt fashion is essential for limiting the impact that these issues can have.

Dents In The Door

It can be remarkably easy to accidentally bump into your garage door with your car or other heavy items. These incidents can leave behind deep indentations in metal garage doors or extensive cracks in wood and vinyl doors. When this type of damage has occurred to your garage door, you may want to look into replacing the compromised sections of paneling. Garage doors are divided into a series of panels so that the door can move along the railing, and these panels are fairly easy to replace.

Warped Railings

Compromised railings can be another common issue for garage doors. When the railings become warped, they will prevent the door from moving along the designed path. This can lead to jams that will prevent the door from opening or closing all the way. If your railings have started to warp, the damage is likely to drastically worsen with continued use of the door, as the weight of it can further warp the weakened sections of the railing. Replacing the damaged sections of railing will be the only option for repairing this type of damage. You should always leave this type of repair to a professional technician that is trained and experienced with working on garage doors. Otherwise, the railing may not be perfectly balanced or aligned, which can lead to the warping reoccurring soon after the repair is completed.

Failing Torsion Spring

The weight of a garage door can be rather immense. While homeowners may assume that the small motor in their overhead garage door opener is powerful enough to raise these doors, it can be surprising to learn that these systems only work due to the presence of a torsion spring. The function of this spring is to greatly enhance the force that is being generated by the motor. Unfortunately, these springs can eventually fail due to corrosion, excessive use, or any other number of problems. When the spring is damaged, it will have to be removed and replaced with a new one, but this can be one of the most dangerous repairs to complete on a garage door due to the risk of the spring snapping and causing extremely serious bodily injuries.

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