Eliminate Corrosion From Metal Tension Springs and Apply a Rust Inhibitor

If your garage has an automatic door and the tension springs that are secured to the top interior side of the door have rust across their surface, treat the corroded areas by completing the project below. Protect the springs from additional damage by coating them with a rust inhibiting product when finished.


  • step ladder
  • drop cloth
  • rust dissolver (gel or liquid)
  • paintbrush
  • sponges
  • bucket of water
  • metal cleaning agent
  • long wooden stick
  • lint-free cloth
  • rust inhibiting product

Eliminate Rust Spots

Go inside of the garage and close and lock the door. Place a stepladder next to the door's interior. While standing on the ladder, use a paintbrush to apply a gel dissolving product to the surface of each spring. If you are going to be applying a rust dissolving product that is in a liquid form, lay a drop cloth across the flooring that is next to the door to collect the liquid product if it drips while it is being applied to the springs. After several minutes have passed, move a sponge back and forth over each spring's surface to eliminate flecks of rust.

Use A Metal Cleaning Agent To Clean The Springs

Dampen a clean sponge with water and move the sponge across the metal springs to remove traces of the rust dissolving product. Fill a bucket with water and add a metal cleaning agent to it. Mix the water and cleaning agent with your hand or a long wooden stick. Dip a sponge into the bucket and wring out the sponge before using the tool to clean the surface of each spring. Dry the springs with a lint-free cloth.

Apply A Couple Coats Of A Rust Inhibitor

Open a can of a rust inhibitor. Dip a standard paintbrush into the can to coat its bristles with an even amount of the rust inhibitor. Climb the ladder and move the brush along the length of each spring. Spread the inhibitor so that a thin, even coat of the product is applied to each metal spring. After the rust inhibitor has dried, add a second coat of the product to make certain that the metal is sufficiently protected from corrosion.

Wait for the second coat of the inhibitor to dry thoroughly before opening the garage door or removing the drop cloth from the floor. Use the tips of your fingers to touch the surface of each spring to determine when the inhibitor is dry. For more information, visit a website such as https://raynordoor.com/.